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Beijing Shenzhen Train Travel

Beijing Shenzhen Train Ticket Reservation

  This is your ultimate source for train schedules and fares between Beijing and Shenzhen. Don't waste your time on any other webpages for such information.
   Shenzhen Special Economic Zone locates in South China's Guangdong province. Distance between Beijing and Shenzhen is about 2,372 kilometers in railway length.
  To let you browse the webpage more easily, we have divided this page into several sections, please click on the link below for your interested part.
  1. Beijing to Shenzhen Train Schedule and Fares
  2. Shenzhen to Beijing Train Schedule and Fares
  3. Transport Guide from Beijing Airport to Train Stations & Downtown Locations (New)
  4. Beijing to Shenzhen Flight Schedule and Fares (New)
  5. Book A Hotel in Shenzhen or Beijing
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Beijing to Shenzhen High Speed Train Schedules & Fares

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance & Duration 2nd Class Seat Fare(CNY Yuan) 1st Class Seat Fare(CNY Yuan) Business Class Seat Fare(CNY Yuan)
G71 Beijing West
Shenzhen North
2400km/10h8m 936.5 1479.5 2923.5
G79 Beijing West
Shenzhen North
2400km/8h35m 936.5 1479.5 2923.5

Beijing to Shenzhen Overnight Sleeper Train Schedules & Fares

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance & Duration Seat Fares(CNY Yuan) Hard Sleeper Fares(CNY Yuan) Soft Sleeper Fares(CNY Yuan)
D903 Beijing West
Shenzhen North
2400km/11h27m -/756 -/-/- 999/1190
Z107 Beijing West
2372km/21h56m 254.5/- 434.5/449.5/464.5 687.5/717.5
K105 Beijing West
2372km/29h20m 254.5/- 434.5/449.5/464.5 687.5/717.5

First time to travel China by train? You may need to check interior photos of
normal speed K train, T train to compare difference between hard sleeper and soft sleeper.

Shenzhen to Beijing High Speed Bullet Train Schedules & Fares

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance & Duration 2nd Class Seat Fare(CNY Yuan) 1st Class Seat Fare(CNY Yuan) Business Class Seat Fares(CNY Yuan)
G72 Shenzhen North
Beijing West
2400km/10h28m 936.5 1479.5 2923.5
G80 Shenzhen North
Beijing West
2400km/10h18m 936.5 1479.5 2923.5

Shenzhen to Beijing Overnight Sleeper Train Schedules & Fares

Train No. Departs Arrives Distance & Duration Seat Fares(CNY Yuan) Hard Sleeper Fares(CNY Yuan) Soft Sleeper Fares(CNY Yuan)
K106 Shenzhen
Beijing West
2372km/29h44m 254.5/- 434.5/449.5/464.5 687.5/717.5
Z108 Shenzhen
Beijing West
2372km/22h15m 254.5/- 434.5/449.5/464.5 687.5/717.5
D904 Shenzhen North
Beijing West
2400km/11h48m -/756 -/-/- 999/1190

Beijing-Shenzhen Train Travel and Ticket Booking Notes:

  1. Trains listed above operate on daily basis. Train timetable is specified in GMT+8 Beijing China time zone and ticket price is quoted in Renminbi Yuan.
  2. Sleepers on K train, T train and etc are classified into two types: soft sleeper and hard sleeper. Hard sleeper has three sub-categories: upper hard sleeper, middle hard sleeper and lower hard sleeper; Soft sleeper has two sub-categories: upper soft sleeper and lower soft sleeper. Lower sleeper is more spacious and more expensive than that of upper sleeper.
  3. Advance ticket reservation period is 11 days maximum. China has world's busiest rail system, you are suggested to reserve the ticket in advance to make sure your travel plan will not be delayed. Advance ticket booking period may be shortened to 3-5 days during "golden week" holidays such as China National Day (October 1-7), Chinese Spring Festival and etc.
  4. Railway stations and ticket agencies sell tickets for different places. For example, you can buy Shenzhen-Guangzhou train ticket while you are still staying in Beijing City.
  5. 1 US dollar amounts to CNY 6.2 Yuan approximately.
  6. You can trust: train schedule timetable and ticket fare listed here are almost 100% correct and up-to date. We will update the page whenever there is any change.

Questions and Answers on Beijing-Shenzhen Train Travel

  1. Question:
    Dear Madam,
    Could you please kindly advise me on my first train travel in China?
    In 2-3 weeks I will need to travel from Shenzhen to Beijing.
    I found two train connections at your website.
    I was wondering how to buy the ticket: can I do it online or should I ask a friend to buy it at the Shenzhen Luohu Train Station?
    Do I have to buy the ticket in advance or 1-2 days before the travel is ok?
    Thank you in advance for all the information.
    Kind regards,
    To answer your questions:
    1. You can reserve tickets online through . The website is in Chinese and you are also required to have a bank account in some local bank in China to make online payment after submitting the booking form.
    2. Yep, you can also let your friend to purchase for you through any ticket agency or Train Station in Shenzhen. Don't forget to provide your friend with your passport information.
    3. We advise your reserve ticket for at least 1 week in advance as Shenzhen to Beijing and vice versa are hot travel routes and demand for train tickets exceeds supply a lot. Advance ticket reservation period is 11 days maximum.
  2. Question:
    my fiance and myself are thinking to ride a train from shenzhen to beijing. is that possible and if not what would be close.what would be the cost of tickets both ways and one way.
    Thank you
    If you can successfully purchase the train ticket, it will be absolutely possible to travel from Shenzhen to Beijing by the train. Advance ticket reservation period is 11 days maximum, please have your ticket reserved in advance to make your travel plan possible.
    Cost for round trip should be twice of that of single trip. Train ticket in China is sold in fixed price, no discount is available even in the slack season.

  3. Still can't find the information you need? Please try China Train Guide, a website that enables users to search China's train information by route, station or train number.

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