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Scenery of Beijing Lingshan Mountain

Beijing Natural Attractions

Beijing's tourist attractions are divided into four different levels.
The entire tourist attractions are evaluated on 10 aspects including traffic communication, sanitation, shopping, environmental protection and etc. Each attraction is then rated from “A” to “AAAA”.
Prestigious tourist attractions like the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City are rewarded as “AAAA” level authentication
The following is a list of top natural attractions in Beijing China.

  • Shidu Scenic Area
  • Shidu Scenic Area has the largest and most typical Karst valleys in north China. The landscape here combines the majesty of the North and the grace of the South China. Renowned as Green Mountains and River, Shidu Scenic Area was designated as a National AAA Tourist Attraction in 1999 Scenic spots include Juma Garden, Gushan Mountain Village, Pudu Mountain Villa, FairyDwelling Cave, Donghu Valley and Xihu Valley.
    It is located in Fangshan District
  • Stone Flower Cave Scenic Area
  • Shichahai Scenic Area of History and Culture
  • Beijing Fairy Dwelling Cave
  • The cave can be divided into the upper, middle and bottom layers. It has such Karst landscapes as Stone Forest and Pagodas, Waterfall Curtain, Divine Needle and Musical Board in the Palace. These landscapes make the cave itself looks like a fairy land.
    Visitors can explore the cave by boat along a 450 meter-long water route. FairyDwelling Cave located in Zhangfang Town of Fangshan District with 100 kilometers from the downtown.
  • Stone Forests Valley of East Beijing
  • Baihua Mountain Natural Scenic Area
  • Located in Mentougou District of Beijing, Baihua Mountain Natural Reserve is rich of animals and plants and is called the Natural Propagation Garden in North China with four vegetation categories and ten forest communities.
  • Jiudaowan Canyon

  • With 88 kilometers from the downtown of Beijing, Jiudaowan Canyon scenic area is the largest canyon in Miyun County with the biggest volume of ravine water. It has a forest coverage rate of as high as 95% with 78 major tourist attractions, all naturally formed. In the canyon, there are one lake, five waterfalls and 18 ponds, all naturally formed. With stunning landscapes and amicable climate, it is nicknamed the “Huangguoshu” in north China.
  • Miaofeng Mountain Scenic Area
  • Black Dragon Pool Scenic Spot
  • Kangxi Grassland
  • Beijing Fragrance Hill
  • Tiger Valley Natural Scenic Spot
  • Yunju Temple Scenic Area
  • Jiangjuntuo Scenic Area
  • Jiangjuntuo Scenic Area covers a total area of 112 hectares including 15.3- hectare scenic woods, and 24.7-hectares orchards of almond, peach, apple, walnut, persimmon and others. It is located in Tanmugang Village, Hebei Town, Fangshan District.
  • Hancunhe Scenic Area
  • Beijing Silver Fox Cave Scenic Spot
  • It is a combination of underground rock caves and streams. The most spectacular sight in the cave is a two-meter long crystal formation covered with fine needles like sparkling snow that looks like a fox with the head of a snow leopard hanging upside-down from the cave roof. The water in the stream is very clear and contains trace elements that are necessary for human and have amazing medical result.
  • Beijing Longxian Palace
  • Qinglong (Green Dragon) Lake Water Paradise
  • Qinglong Lake is the largest water scenery in Beijing downtown. It is known as a Mini Beach in Beijing. The lake locates in Qinglonghu Town of Fangshan District, 28 kilometers from the downtown.
  • Python Mountain Natural Scenic Area
  • Cuandixia scenic area
  • Taoyuan Xiangu (peach-garden paradise) Scenic Area
  • The Songshan Forest Tourist Area
  • Longmenjian Canyon
  • Jingdong Canyon scenic area
  • Yunxiu Valley Scenic Spot Area
  • Longqing Gorge
  • Yanqi Lake
  • Beijing Qinglong Canyon
  • Beijing New Concept Tourism Base of Survival Island
  • Baiquan Mount
  • Shentang Valley
  • Xiangshui Lake
  • Dingle Deity Pond
  • Beijing Crab Island Green Ecological Resort
  • Bodhisattva Mount Scenic Spot
  • Pagoda Forest at Silver Mountain
  • Kuijiu Valley Scenic Spot and Folk Customs Village
  • Beijing Chinese Culture Garden
  • Liuminying Ecological Farm
  • Jinhai Lake
  • Grand Water-eroded Cave of East Beijing
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