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Beijing Capital International Airport (IATA: PEK) locates 32 kilometers northeast to the downtown. In 2012, its passenger throughput hit 81.92 million, which makes Beijing Capital International Airport world's 2nd busiest airport after Atlanta International Airport in USA.
Beijing Capital International Airport was rewarded as the best airport in the world by The Cond Nast Traveler magazine in 2009 and the airport is well connected by public transportation systems including airport express train, airport bus, coach, taxi and etc with Beijing downtown as well as its neighbouring cities.
Please click corresponding link below to check detailed guide information on the transportation option that matches with your requirements. Should you have any problem to travel from/to Beijing Capital International Airport, please feel free to send your enquiry to Elinorzhu @ and we will reply you as soon as possible.
  1. Travel among Airport Terminals - Free Terminal Shuttle
  2. Getting around the Airport Area and Shunyi District - Community Transit Bus
  3. Connecting with Beijing Subway Network - Airport Train
  4. Getting to Beijing Downtown (Xidan, Wangfujing, Train Station) by Bus - Airport Shuttle
  5. Moving to Another Neighbouring City - Inter-provincial Bus
  6. Hiring a Taxi

Beijing Airport Free Terminal Shuttle Transfer

Beijing Capital International Airport provides frequent shuttle bus services free of charge for passengers to transfer among airport terminal 1, terminal 2 and terminal 3.

free airport shuttle
Two free-charged shuttle buses @ Beijing Airport

Airport Terminal Shuttle Bus Operating Hours and Frequency
  1. 06:00-23:00: every 10 minutes
  2. 23:00-01:00: every 15 minutes
  3. 01:00-05:00: every 30 minutes
  4. 05:00-06:00: every 15 minutes
Place to Get on Free Airport Shuttle Bus
  1. Terminal 1: Outside of No. 7 gate on the first floor
  2. Terminal 2: Outside of No. 7 gate on the first floor
  3. Terminal 3: No. 5 gate on the arrival floor
Travel Route for Free Airport Shuttle Bus
  1. Terminal 3 (No. 5 gate on the first floor) →Terminal 2 (departure floor) →Terminal 1 (departure floor)
  2. Terminal 2 (No. 11 gate on the arrival floor) →Terminal 1 (No. 7 gate on the arrival floor) →Terminal 3 (departure floor)

Beijing Airport Konggang Community Transit Bus

Konggang Community Transit Bus mainly serves people from/to Shunyi District where Beijing Capital International Airport located.
Konggang Bus
Beijing Airport Konggang Bus Mainly Serves Shunyi District

Where to Purchase Konggang Bus Ticket @ Beijing Airport
  • Terminal 2: outside place of No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 gate on the first floor
  • Terminal 3: outside place of No. 1 gate on the first floor
Konggang Bus Travel Routes
  • Line 1:
    Airport Terminal 2 → Control Tower → Armed Police Force Contingent → Hangtian Road → Airport Junction → Beipingli → Huayuan Crossing → Airport No.1 Primary School → Nanping Street → Guotai Plaza → No.2 Gate → Yijing Road →No.6 Zone → Cherry Garden →Xingangzhuangyuan
  • Line 2:
    Airport Terminal 2 → Control Tower → BGS Site → Beiku → Daxinhua → Tianzhu Free Trade Zone (Temporary) → Logistics Park → Nanfaxin → Dongfeng Primary School → Hospital of Shunyi District → East End of Bianmin Street → Jinhanlvgang III → Jinhanlvgang II→ Jinhanlvgang
  • Line 3:
    Airport Terminal 2 → Control Tower → BGS → Air China Cargo → Tianzhu Village → Tianzhu Garden → Holiday Inn Express → Beijing New Exhibition Center → Hualikan → Hualikan Subway Station → Airport Zone B → Vanke City Garden → Yuxiang Garden → Houshayu Government → Agricultural Bank → Huarun Supermarket → Huoshenying → Kuliushu Roundabout
  • Line 5:
    Airport Terminal 3 → Liujing Crossing → BCIA Business District → Wazi Village → Touerying → Sansiying → Wujiaying → Automotive Headquarters → Hyundai Garden → Meigouying → Yixin Garden → Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital → Hospital of Shunyi District → Shuangxing Residential Community → Village Horseracing Course → Mapo Garden → Xifengle → Niulanshan Residential Community → Niulanshan Crossing → Fumilu Crossing → Fan'gezhuang → Chen’gezhuang → Zhaoquanying → Beilangzhong → Airport Zone C → Xijiangzhouying Village
  • Line 6:
    Airport Terminal 3 →Airport Terminal 2 → BGS Freight Station → Tianzhu Health Center → Tianzhu Garden →Airport Zone A → Hualikan Subway Station → Airport Zone B → Airport Hospital → Qinglan Town → Ximagezhuang →Zhangxizhuang Intersection → Wanwanshu Community → Qianquhe → Yanjiaying → Gaoliying → Xishuiquan → Hezhuangying → Houying → Xiaxishi Village → Fangezhuang → Liangshanzhuang → Nanshicao → Beishicao → Government of Beishicao Town → Sishang → Lijiashishan
  • Line 8:
    Airport Terminal 3 → Liujing Road Intersection → Air CBD → Tou’erying → Sansiying → Suhuo Community → Wujiaying→ Linhe Intersection→ Shiyuan South Street → Cangshang Community → Shunyi Hospital → Dongdaqiao → Fengbo Subway Station → Houfengbo → Beicai → Liuxing → Huangjiachang → Maxinzhuang → Qianliwu → Beixiaoying → Shangnian→ Weijiadian → Dongyantou → Mulin→ Government of Longwantun Town → Jiaozhuanghu Memorial Museum of Tunnel Warfare Site→ Longwantun → Liuzhuanghu → Qilianzhuang Village → Shanlixinzhuang
  • Line 1 (Shuttle Service):
    Airport Terminal 3 → Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH) → China Service Building → No.2 Gate → Cherry Garden
Konggang Community Transit Bus Schedules & Fares

Bus No. Direction Operating Hours Interval One-way Ticket Fare(CNY Yuan)
Line 1 Outbound Terminal 2 to Xingangzhuangyuan 05:25-22:30 10 Minutes 4
Line 1 Inbound Xingangzhuangyuan to Terminal 2 04:40-21:50 10 Minutes 4
Line 2 Outbound Terminal 2 to Jinhanlvgang 06:00-22:30 30 Minutes 4
Line 2 Inbound Jinhanlvgang to Terminal 2 05:20-20:00 30 Minutes 4
Line 3 Outbound Terminal 2 to Kuliushu Roundabout 05:50-20:00 30 Minutes 5
Line 3 Inbound Kuliushu Roundabout to Terminal 2 06:00-20:30 30 Minutes 5
Line 5 Outbound Terminal 3 to Zhaoquanying 04:30- - 5
Line 5 Inbound Zhaoquanying to Terminal 3 - - 5
Line 6 Outbound Terminal 3 to Beishicao - - 6
Line 6 Inbound Beishicao to Terminal 3 - - 6
Line 8 Outbound Terminal 3 to Longwantun - - 6
Line 8 Inbound Longwantun to Terminal 3 - - 6
Line 1 Outbound (Shuttle Service) Terminal 3 to Cherry Garden 04:40-01:00 20 Minutes 2
Line 1 Inbound (Shuttle Service) Cherry Garden to Terminal 3 04:20-00:30 20 Minutes 2

Beijing Airport Train Transfer Guide

With the airport express train, passenger can get from Terminal 3, Terminal 2 to Beijing downtown including Sanyuanqiao and Dongzhimen in 15 to 20 minutes. Beijing Airport Train operates from early morning to late night 7 days a week with an interval of approximately 10 minutes. Ticket price for one-way trip on the airport Train is Renminbi 25 Yuan.

Airport Express
A photo of Beijing airport express train

Useful link:

Beijing Airport Train Schedule and Route Map.

Beijing Airport to Downtown Shuttle Bus Transfer Guide

Passenger can get from the airport to various places including Xidan, Wangfujing, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Shangdi Information Industry Base, Yizhuang Economic Development Zone and etc with 11 different airport bus routes.

Airport Express
A photo of Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus

Useful links:

Beijing Airport Inter-provincial Bus Transfer Guide

With the inter-provincial bus service offered by Beijing Capital International Airport, passengers don't have to make any transfer to get from the Airport to Tianjin, Tanggu, Qinhuangdao, Langfang, Tangshan and Baoding.

Beijing Airport Express
Beijing Airport to Tianjin Shuttle Bus

Useful links:

Beijing Airport Taxi Guide

There are designated places at Beijing Capital International Airport where passengers can take taxi to travel between the airport and the downtown area. Meet any problem in taking taxi at the airport? You can call this hotline 0086-10-64558892 of Beijing Airport Taxi Dispatch Station to report the problem.

Beijing Airport Taxi
Taxi @ Beijing Airport

Beijing Airport Taxi Guide Part One: Where to Get a Taxi
  1. Terminal 1:on the traffic lane outside to number 1 to number 5 gates on the first floor.
  2. Terminal 2:on the traffic lane outside to number 5 to number 9 gates on the first floor.
  3. Terminal 3:please follow the guide sings inside the terminal building to find place to take taxi.
Beijing Airport Taxi Guide Part Two: Taxi Pricing in Beijing
  1. Starting rate to hire a taxi in Beijing is CNY 10 Yuan for 3 kilomters.
  2. Additional charge is CNY 2 Yuan for each kilometer until the total riding distance reaches 15km. Additional charge is CNY 3 Yuan for each kilometer once the total riding distance has reached 15 kilomters.
  3. For every 5 minutes that is below 12km/h, an extra cost for 1km will be charged .
  4. For every 5 minutes of time stopped, an extra cost for 1km will be charged .
  5. Starting rate is CNY 11 Yuan for 3 kilometers from 11pm to 5am. Additional charge is 20% higher from 11am to 5am comparing to that of remaining times of the day.
Beijing Airport Taxi Guide Part Three: Beijing Taxi Travel Tips
  1. All legal taxi in Beijing starts with "Beijing B" on their license plates.
  2. Passengers take responsibility of all tolls on the journey besides the metered fare.
  3. Please don't forget to request an invoice from the taxi driver when the ride has been finished.
  4. Remember to take your bag, luggage and other belongs with you when you are getting out of the taxi.

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