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Badaling Ski Resort Guide

Badaling Ski Resort
Photo 1: Exotic taste of Badaling Ski Resort.

  Badaling Ski Resort locates to the west side of the famous Badaling Great Wall. It has 6 trails covering 6km, of which, 2 trails are for beginners. Its advanced level ski trail has a length of 800 meters with the verticial drop of 120 meters.
Badaling Ski Resort's snowmobile trail is 2,300 meters in length, which makes it the longest one among tens of ski resorts in Beijing.
  Recreational and leisure activities Badaling Ski Resort brings with you are dog sledding, bungee jumping, mountain snow massage, ice sculpture DIY, ice and snow adventure tour.
Badaling Ski Resort
Photo 2: A bird eye view of Badaling Ski Resort.

  • Pricing: RMB 70 Yuan for all day ticket (ADT) Monday to Friday, RMB 90 Yuan for ADT on weekends and RMB 125 Yuan for ADT on new year holiday as well as on Chinese Spring Festival.
  • Operating Hours: 8:00-17:00
  • Transportation Guide: No. 919 bus from Deshengmen can take you directly to Badaling Ski Resort.
  • Accommodation: The ski resort has 37 standard rooms, 17 rooms for single person, 22 Tatami rooms and 3 room suits.
  • Buffet: RMB 50 Yuan.
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