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Huaibei Ski Resort Guide

Badaling Ski Resort
Photo 1: Huaibei Ski Resort started trial opening on November 27.

  18 kilometers from Huairou County's downtown, Huaibei Ski Resort locates in Jiugukou Natural Scenic Spot. In its surrounding are the Great Wall, Yanshan Mountain and numerous lake and river system, which makes Huaibei Ski Resort one of the most beautiful ones in Beijing.
  Beijing Huaibei Ski Resort has 7 ski runs with the total length of approximate 3,800 meters and the maximum vertical drop of 238 meters. Huaibei is the largest ski resort in Beijing city.
  As a trend setter, Huaibei is famed for best man-made and natural snow powder. During the whole snowing period, snow depth maintains 1m in its ski area.
Badaling Ski Resort
Photo 2: Ski show at Mini Park, Huaibei Ski Resort

Huaibei Ski Resort Price List

Ticket Type Monday to Friday Weekends New Year and Spring Festival Holiday
Entrance Fee RMB 20 Yuan RMB 20 Yuan RMB 20 Yuan
1 Hour Ski RMB 60 Yuan RMB 80 Yuan RMB 100 Yuan
2 hours ski RMB 110 Yuan RMB 150 Yuan RMB 160 Yuan
3 hours ski RMB 120 Yuan RMB 180 Yuan RMB 200 Yuan
4 hours ski RMB 140 Yuan RMB 200 Yuan RMB 240 Yuan
All Day Ski RMB 220 Yuan RMB 360 Yuan RMB 390 Yuan
Night Skiing (16:30-21:30):               RMB 80 Yuan
Ski Suit for Rental:               RMB 30 Yuan per person
Ski Gloves for Rental:               RMB 10 Yuan per person
Sled for Rental:               RMB 60 Yuan/30 minutes per person
Lockers:               RMB 10 Yuan per person
Useful Notes:
  1. Fees quoted above cover rental fees of skis, boots, boards, poles as well as fees for lift ticket.
  2. People who take their own gear can get 60% discount.
  3. RMB 500 Yuan deposit is required to rent ski gear.
  4. Fees quoted above doesn't include insurance. Skier decide if they would buy insurance or not.
  5. For discount ski ticket of Huaibei Ski Resort, please send your enquiry to elinozhu at gmail dot com.

Skier's Guide for Huaibei Ski Resort

  • Operating Hours: 8:00-18:00 & 17:00-22:00
  • Address: Hefangkou Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District.
  • Transportation Guide: No. 919 bus from Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station to Huairou Downtown and then change a taxi for Huaibei Town.
  • Accommodation: Clients can either reside in the resort's hillside villa or reside in any of luxury star hotels in its nearby.
  • Buffet: RMB 35 Yuan.
  • For discount ski ticket of Huaibei Ski Resort, please send your enquiry to elinozhu at gmail dot com.
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