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Beijing has several bar streets in Sanlitun, Houhai, Wudaokou and Asian Games Village as well as in the neighborhood of the Worker's Stadium, Chaoyang Park, Beijing Lady (Woman) Street.
Beijing's clubs & bars have such characters as elegant decoration, professional service with diversified operation styles. They are popular especially among expatriates living in China including overseas students, businessmen, artists, actors, singers, white collars and etc.


Beijing cinema industry grew from scratch to nowadays' five star level.
Facilitated with Hi-fi class audiovisual equipments, several multi-hall type cinema have also started their business operation...

Music Hall

Beijing Music Hall, or Beijing Concert Hall, situating in the south side of the west Chang'an Avenue, is a professional venue for the music performance. As one of the most important hosts of Beijing International Music Festival, it is honored as “ the Music Paradise of China”


The coming of Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games boosts the growth of its sports industry.
Famous sports facilities and gyms such as the Water Cube- China National Aquatics Center has even got world fame for its unique architecture design.

Golf Course

The number of golf courses in Beijing is approaching to 40, of which, 19 are located in Chaoyang District, 9 are located in Haidian District and the rest are located inside Tongzhou District as well as other outskirt districts and countie of Beijing.


Best places to enjoy China's performance arts including drama are Beijing People's Art Theater, China National Theater, China National Grand Opera House or the Grand Theater, Chang'an Theater and etc.

Shadow Puppet Shows

Shadow puppet or Piying, is a drama originated in ancient China' s West Han Dynasty with a history of more than 2000 years. In China, shadow puppet is also populated with the names of goat skin drama, donkey skin drama, shadow drama and etc.

Ski Resorts

In the cold winter, long distance travel opportunities turn to be rare. Ski resorts in Beijing's surrounding areas maybe best places to entertain and relax yourself.

Beijing Recreation Places Guide

Beijing Concert Hall
Beijing Concert Hall
Beijing Water Cube
Beijing Water Cube

Asia Games Gym
Asia Games Gym
National Opera Theater
National Opera Theater

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