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Shadow Puppet Show

Beijing Shadow Puppet Show

History of Chinese Shadow Puppet

Shadow puppet, called as “ Piying” in Chinese, is a drama originated in ancient China' s West Han Dynasty with a history of more than 2000 years. In China, shadow puppet is also populated with the names of goat skin drama, donkey skin drama, shadow drama and etc.
Chinese shadow puppet drama was rooted in Shan'xi Province, where the capital city of Han Dynasty located, and got matured in such provinces as Shan'xi, Shanxi and Henan during Tang and Song Dynasties. It is in Qing Dynasty when the Chinese shadow puppet drama got prosperous.

Chinese Shadow Puppet Template

The Chinese shadow puppet template is usually made from cow skin or donkey skin and decorated with red, yellow, green, black and other translucent dyes.

Classification of Chinese Shadow Puppet Drama

The Chinese shadow puppet drama is classified into many types by region such as Shan’xi Huaxian shadow puppet drama, Hebei Tangshan shadow puppet drama, Jinan shadow puppet drama, Xiaoyi shadow puppet drama, Fuzhou shadow puppet drama, Haining shadow puppet drama, Jianghan Plain shadow puppet drama, Lufeng shadow puppet drama, Huayin shadow puppet drama and etc.

Beijing Shadow Puppet

The current Beijing Shadow Puppet is descended from the Ming Dynasty. In the middle period of Ming Dynasty, the shadow puppet was initially spread from Lanzhou and Huating to Hebei Zuozhou and then re-spread to the western part of Beijing, Beijing northern outskirt, and lastly the downtown.
Beijing shadow puppet drama is much dedicated comparing to that of other regions in performance, music and character.

Where to See Shadow Puppet Show in Beijing

Beijing shadow puppet drama troupe is a professional team to host the shadow puppet show.
Address: No. 29, Liulichang East Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing
Bus Route: Bus 355, Bus 973, Bus 996 to Dawang Road Station.

Wonderful Wolrd of Shadow Puppet

Shadow Puppet Template
Chinese Shadow Puppet Template
Shadow Puppet Template
Chinese Shadow Puppet Template

Shadow Puppet Template
Chinese Shadow Puppet Template
Shadow Puppet Template
Chinese Shadow Puppet Template

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