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Beidahu Ski Resort

Beijing Ski Resort Guide

  Here is a listing of ski resorts and ski fields in Beijing that we would like to recommend to snowboarding fans. Most of these ski resorts are located in the mountainous areas including Yanqing County, Miyun County, Changping District, Mentougou District and are the best places to take ski vacations.
  With the coming of Christmas and the new year, it's growing colder and colder. Ski resorts are destined to be the most popular sporting places in this cold winter. For your safety, we advise you begin with an easy slope to get familiar with the trail grading of a ski area.
  Please click on the ski resort's name for transportation information, price package, and other essential aspects that may dominate your decision making.
  1. Badaling Ski Resort
    • 3 kilometers to the west of Badaling Great Wall.
    • 100,000 square meter skiable area.
    • 6 ski trials, including 2 beginners trails, 1 intermediate trail, 1 true expert-level trial, 1 longest cross-country ski trail in Beijing and 1 learning trail.
    • China's first theme park for outdoor sports.
    • 4 star luxury hotel for accommodation, dining, conferences and recreation.
    • Website address:
  2. Huaibei Ski Resort
    • Locating in Jiugukou Natural Scenic Spot of Huairou District, Huaibei Ski Resort has beautiful scenery.
    • 9.6 square kilometers skiable area.
    • 1 expert level trail, 2 intermediate level trails and 4 trails for beginners as well as 1 trail for learning and practicing.
    • Total length of the ski trails is 3,800 meters and maximum vertical drop is 238 meters.
    • 1 lift, 1,200 meters in length and 6 lift tracks.
    • Restaurant, bar, shop to rent equipment and snow villa for accommodation.
    • Website address:
  3. Jundushan Ski Resort
    • 30 kilometers from Beijing downtown with the famous Xiao Tang Shan hot spring to its east.
    • 150,000 square meters skiable area.
    • Advanced ski trails with the highest difficulty degree in China, safe and comfort elementary and intermediate ski trails, and training areas for beginners.
    • Total length of the chair lift equipment in the resort is 2 kilometers.
    • Easy access to Chinese and western style restaurants, bars, foot massage treatment rooms, skiing equipment shop.
    • Professional skiing school.
    • VIP service Area.
    • Barrier-free communication system.
    • Website address:
  4. Nanshan Ski Village
    • Locating near Miyun County, Nanshan Ski Village is connected with Beijing downtown by JingCheng Expressway.
    • 21 trails for both beginners and ski pro.
    • Wild snow park & single-board skiing park
    • The first Mogul Slope trail in Beijing China.
    • 2 Quad Chair Lifts and 1 double chair lift with uphill lift capacity of 11,050 per hour.
    • Children & women's programs.
    • Lakeside villa and hillside villa
    • Website address:
  5. Wanlongbayi Ski Field
    • Locating between the west 5th ring road and the west 6th ring road, Wanlongbayi Ski Field is the closest one to the downtown. Driving time from Beijing West Railway Station to Wanlongbayi is 10 minutes.
    • 2 primary level trails, 2 intermediate level trails and 1 advanced level trails.
    • 2 Quad chair lifts.
    • Website address:
  6. Lianhuashan Ski Field
    • 30 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport. No. 918 airport express bus has "Lianhuashan Ski Field" as one of its middle stops.
    • Diversified ski trails for both newbies and veterans.
    • Single-board skiing park.
    • Spacious parking lot and green natural restaurant.
    • Website address:
  7. Qiaobo Skiing Dome
    • Indoor ski resort opens all year round.
    • Trails for primary, intermediate and advanced skiers.
    • Ski centre area of 40.000 sq.m
    • Children's ski paradise
    • Website address:
  8. Shijinglong Ski Field
    • 80km northwest to the downtown.
    • 7 trails serve from beginner to advanced skiers, with total length of more than 5,000 kilometers.
    • The most challenging advanced level trial has a length of 1,035 kilometers with vertical drop of 300 meters.
    • 1 Quad chair lift and 1 double chair lift.
    • State of the art snowmaking equipments.
    • Ski school and snowboard training.
    • Website address:
  9. Yuyang Ski Resort
    • Yuyang Ski Resort locates in Qinglongshan Mountain, a 4A grade scenery area of Pinggu County. It's 80km from downtown.
    • 7 trails (2 for pros, 2 for newbies), 300,000 square kilometers.
    • 1 quad chair lift
    • Children's ski programs.
    • Ski equipment rental store.
    • Venue for Pinggu International Ski Festival.
    • Website address:
  10. Yunfoshan Ski Resort
    • Locating in Yunfoshan Mountain, with Miyun Reservoir to its northern neighbourhood.
    • 1 advanced trail, 1000 meters in length; 3 intermediate trails, 300-700 meters in length; 4 beginners ski trails, 100-300 in length.
    • 1 cross country ski trail with 1.5 kilometers in length.
    • Easily accessible hillside resort.
    • Website address:

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