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Wanlongbayi Ski Resort Guide

Wanlong Ski Resort
Photo 1: Night skiing at Wanlongbayi Ski Resort

General Information

  Wanlongbayi is the nearest ski resort from Beijing downtown. The resort locates inside Bayi Shooting Gallery in Changxindian of Fengtai District and is accessible by Beijing subway.
  Wanlongbayi Ski Resort has 8 ski trails and 120,000 square meters skiable area. The ski resort can accomodate more than 5,000 skiers at a time.
  Wanlongbayi Ski Resort has 2 quad chair lifts with uphill lift capacity of 5,600 person per hour. The revolutionary night lighting system makes Wanlongbayi the best and largest ski resort for night skining in Beijing.
Wanlong Ski Resort
Photo 2: Children's Winter Camp at Wanlongbayi Ski Resort.

Wanlongbayi Ski Resort Price List

Ticket Type Monday to Friday Weekends including new year and Spring Festival holidays
2 hours RMB 100 Yuan RMB 140 Yuan
3 hours RMB 120 Yuan RMB 180 Yuan
4 hours RMB 130 Yuan RMB 200 Yuan
6 hours RMB 155 Yuan RMB 255 Yuan
Lift ticket:               RMB 20 Yuan for single trip.
Useful Notes:
  1. Deposits are required to rent ski equipments.
  2. Children under 140 cm can enjoy 50 discount on ski ticket.
  3. The above quotation doesn't include insurance, skier decides whether to buy insurance or not.
  4. For discount ski ticket of Wanlongbayi Ski Resort, please send your enquiry to elinozhu at gmail dot com.

Skier's Guide for Wanlongbayi Ski Resort

  • Daytime Operating Hours: 9:30-16:00 from Monday to Friday, 9:00-16:00 on weekends and holidays.
  • Nighttime Operating Hours: 17:30-23:00.
  • Address: Bayi Shooting Gallery, Changxindian, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.
  • Transportation Guide:Visitors can take Beijing Subway No. 1 line to Gucheng Station. After exit through Gucheng subway station's D exit, visitors can then take No. 327 or No. 385 bus for Bayi Shooting Gallery Station. Wanlongbayi Ski Resort is just waiting to welcome you there.
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