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Beijing - Zhangjiajie Flight Booking

    Flight distance between Beijing and Zhangjiajie is 1385 kilometers and flight time is about 150 minutes. Full fare flight ticket between Beijing and Zhangjiajie is Renminbi 1340 Yuan. Besides this, passengers should pay addtional RMB 50 Yuan as airport construction fee and another RMB 70 Yuan as bunker surcharge.
    Discounted flight ticket price listed in the following table is subject to change over time, please send your enquiry to Elinorzhu at gmail dot com to get exact price that matches with your journey date.
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  1. Beijing to Zhangjiajie Flight Schedule and Fares
  2. Zhangjiajie to Beijing Flight Schedule and Fares
  3. Transport Guide from Beijing Airport to Train Stations & Downtown Locations
  4. Beijing to Zhangjiajie Train Schedule

Beijng to Zhangjiajie Flight Schedule & Fares

Airline, Flight No & Aircraft Type Departs Arrives Weekly Frequency Valid Period Cheapest Prices
China Southern Airlines
Air Bus 320
Beijing Capital Airport T2
Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport
1234567 2013.05.05
RMB 859 Yuan
Air China
Boeing 737
Beijing Capital Airport T3
Zhangjiajie Hehua Airport
1234567 2013.05.05
RMB 1850 Yuan

Useful Notes:
  1. Flight schedule is specified in Beijing China time and ticket price is quoted in Renminbi Yuan.
  2. Flight ticket price may resume to full price (RMB 1340 Yuan) in hot travel seasons, meanwhile, it may discount more in the slack seasons. Please contact us for exact price on your journey date.
  3. Beijing has two airports including Beijing Capital International Airport and Beijing Nanyuan Airport. Please confirm your departuring or arriving airport before the journey.
  4. Want to book flight tickets from us? please send your enquiry to elinorzhu at gmail dot com .

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Beijing Capital Airport
Beijing Capital Airport
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Beijing Capital Airport
Beijing Capital Airport
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Beijing Capital Airport

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