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Apply for a Chinese Visa How-tos

To get a China visa, the applicant needs to provide a valid passport and, when necessary, relevant certificates.

How to see a doctor in Beijing

When you need to go to a hospital in Beijing, you have a lot of choices of first class hospitals, you or your family member may take the ID card or the residence registration on the passport and go to a hospital.
If under certain circumstances, you need a house visit by a doctor, you may contact the relevant hospital and request the hospital to arrange for it.
If you can't go to a hospital on your own, you may dial the emergency number 120 for an ambulance.
For matters related to disease prevention(such as preventive injection or sterilization of houses official premises), you may contact the Center for Disease Control of the district or country concerned.

Engage in religious activities

According to the regulations governing religious activities by foreigners in the People's Republic of China and its rules of implementation, the Chinese government respects the freedom of religious belief of expatriates in China and they may attend religious activities in temples, mosques, churches and other religious places.

How to Find a Job in China

In special circumstances, the foreigner who is to be employed should have his visa status changed with the public security bureau by his employer and apply for foreigner's employment permit and residence permit before the employment.

Expatriate life in China

How to adopt a Chinese child in Beijing

You can go to the China Adoption Center which, entrusted by the Chinese government, is in charge of providing foreign related adoption service.
It is responsible for reviewing the application and relevant documents provided by the foreigners, recommending Chinese children to foreigners and providing foreign liaison and coordination services related to adoption.

How to contact China Adoption Center

Address: Zhongmin Building, No. 7 Baiguanglu, Xuanwu District, Beijing
Telephone 86-10-63575785
Fax 86-10-63575786

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