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Life in China

Living in China

Information from Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security PRC shows the total number of expatriates legally living in China has reached a half million by the end of 2009 . Expatriates can be seen in all provincial or medium scale cities in China with Shanghai and Beijing host most of them.

In China, expatriates are mainly employed in information technology, telecommunication, education and finance sectors in researching, management and marketing positions. In large cities like Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, there are also many expatriates who make money by opening their own western style restaurants, bread rooms dedicating to serve for their compatriots.

Today, life in China for expatriates is not that difficult as the past years. The living standard in China's largest cities like Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai is as enjoyable as that of the western cities like New York, London and etc. Online Communication and air traffic help them to connect with their home countries easily. The low cost of life make the un-reachable luxury life in their home countries possible in China. With the increasing number of expatriates living in China, more and more expatriate schools appeared. In return, these expatriate schools motivate more and more expatriates to immigrate their whole families to the mainland China.

To most expatriates, China is one of the most important middle stops in their lifetime coz they will finally return to their home country; while for the young expatriates, working experience in China will be regarded as an immeasurable asset for their career plan.

The stable development of society and economy, rich job opportunities, high cost-effective life are all positive factors that attract more and more expatriates come and work in China; meanwhile, the characterless buildings, crowded traffic also slash down the expatriate's impression to China. It is the mysterious traditional culture and heritage that make China a magnet to the expatriates.

The communication industry is rapidly growing in China, with many calling services offering you cheap international call rates. So it is easier to stay in contact with your family or friends around the world

For more information, please check Useful Tips for Living in China written by experienced China expat with collections of daily tips for living in China. Also include common food and recipes, quick Chinese guide, and more.

Expatriates number in China's major cities

  • Beijing: 70,000
  • Shanghai: more than 57,000
  • Suzhou ( including Kunshan city, Taicang city): more than 22,000
  • Guangzhou: more than 18, 0000
  • Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province: more than 6000
  • Dalian city, Liaoning province: around 6000
  • Ningbo, Zhejiang Provice: around 3000
  • iwu Small Commodity City , Zhejiang Province: 10,000

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