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Pray Activities in Beijing

Religious Activities in Beijing

The principle of independent church is practiced in China and foreigners should not interface in the establishment and change of the Chinese religious organizations and religious activity places, the choices and change of religious organizations and religious activity places, the choice and change of religious personnel by the Chinese religious organizations, and should not interface or control other internal affairs of the Chinese religious organizations.
Foreigners are not entitled to establish religious organizations, religious offices, open religious activity places or religious school or training courses under any name or in any form.
Nor should they preach or organize religious gatherings in non-religious activity places. Nor should they manufacture or sell religious books, audio visual maters, electronic publications and other religious items.
Nor should they disseminate items that promote a religion.

How to Engage in Religious Activities in Beijing

According to the regulations governing religious activities by foreigners in the People's Republic of China and its rules of implementation, the Chinese government respects the freedom of religious belief of foreigners in China and they may attend religious activities in temples, mosques, churches and other religious places.
At the invitation of religious groups at and above the provincial, autonomous region and municipality level, foreingers may come to preach in religious places in China. Foreigners may organize religious activities for foreigners in places approved by the religious affairs authorities of the people's governments at and above the country level and invite Chinese religious personnel to conduct Baptism, marriage, funerals, rites and other religious rituals.
Foreigners may bring religious publications, audio-visual materials and other religious items for private use when entering into China.

Religious places open to the foreigner

Most religious places in Beijing (including churches and temples) are open to the public and some offer religious services in foreign languages. You must choose from the following places frequented by the foreigner.
  • Wangfujing Church
  • Religion: Catholicism

  • Address: 74, Wangfujing street, Dongcheng district
    Telephone: 86-10-65240634
  • Xishiku Church

  • Religion: Catholicism
    Address: 33 Xishiku Dajie
    Telhpone: 86-10-66175329
  • Chongwenmen church

  • Religion: Protestantism
    Address: Ding-2, Kougou Hutong
    Telephone: 86-10-65133549
  • Haidian Church

  • Religion: Protestantism
    Address: 10 Xieshuihu
    Telephone: 86-10-62572902
  • Dongsi Mosque

  • Religion: Islami
    Address: 13, Dongsi Nandajie
    Telephone: 86-10-65251831
  • Yonghegong Lama temple Lamaism

  • Religion: Lamai
    Address: 12 Yong He Gong Street
    Telephone: 86-10-64043769
  • Guanghuasi Temple

  • Religion: Buddhi:
    Address: 31, Ya'er Hutong
    Telephone: 86-10-64040496

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