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Residential Housing in Beijing

Before House Rental Contract

A foreigner may find a house in Beijing himself or through a real estate agency.
However, due to your special status as a foreigner, you need to obtain a written consent from relevant authorities in Beijing before signing the contract.
If you are a new comer in China, you may find it difficult to locate a house for yourself.
The housing company of the Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau and FESCO will provide free consult service on office or residence housing.

Rent House in Beijing Asia Games Village

The Asian Sports Village has been developed as North-Beijing business core by the opportunity of Olympic project construction.
The Olympic Stadiums mainly concentrate in Olympic Green, such as National Stadium, Water Cube, Hockey Field, Archery Field, Tennis Center, Yingdong Swim Palaestra, etc.

Rent House in Beijing East 4th Ring Road - Wangjing

Wangjing is located between 4th and 5th ring, at northeast of Beijing. It is an independent large scale community with the functions of living, working, and entertainment.
Living in such area is easy to go to Shunyi Olympic Water Park.

Rent House in Beijing East 3rd Ring road - Guomao

As CBD of Beijing, such district is a window exhibiting the modernization progress of Beijing. The leading position of such circle is obvious.
Main Olympic Stadiums include Workers' Stadium (football), Workers' Stadium (boxing), and Chaoyang Park (beach volleyball).

Rent House in Beijing South 3rd Ring Road - Fangzhuang

Fangzhuang is located between south 2nd ring and 3rd ring, the representative of old mature business circle in south Beijing.
The main Olympics Stadiums include Guangcai Gymnasium, Muxiyuan Natatorium, and Muxiyuan Training Hall.

Rent house in Beijing West 3rd Ring Road - Liuliqiao

Liuliqiao business circle refers to Qiaotoupu at business and trade zone at ring of southwest-Beijing. Fengtai Softball Field is the main Olympic fiel

Rent house in Beijing Financial Street

As Central Financial District (CFD) of Beijing, such district is located at the 2nd ring of west-Beijing.
The main Olympic Stadiums include Yuetan Gymnasium, Yuetan Training Hall, Beijing No.8 Middle School Gymnasium, Swim Pool, etc.

Rent house in Beijing West 3rd Ring Road - Gongzhufen

As hub of communication in west-Beijing, GongzhuFen (Princess Tomb) is an important business circle connecting downtown and border area at west-Beijing.
The main Olympic Stadiums and Fields include Wukesong Basketball Court, Wukesong Baseball Field, Laoshan Velodrome, Beijing Shooting Range Hall, etc.

Rent house in Beijing West 3rd Ring Road - Zizhuqiao

Depending on the favorable location at northwest Beijing, such district, adjacent to Financial Street and Zhongguancun, has developed gradually as one of high grade residential quarters in North-west Beijing.
The main Olympic Stadiums and Fields in such district are Capital Gymnasium, No. 1, 2 and 3 field of Gymnasium of Capital Institute of P.E.

Rent house in Zhongguancun

Integrated with humanity, science and technology, and environment, such district has become the leader in terms of scientific and technical development.
The main Olympic Stadiums and Fields are mainly concentrated in universities, such as Peking University Gymnasium (table tennis), China Agricultural University Gymnasium (Wrestling), Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Gymnasium University Gymnasium(weight lifting), Beijing Science and Technology University Gymnasium (Judo and Taekwondo).

Famous Residential Communities in Beijing

Wangjing Housing
Wangjing Residential Community
Forbidden City
Beijing Financal Street

Beijing Guomao
Beijing Guomao

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