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Rent House in Beijing South 3rd Ring Road-Fangzhuang

General Condition
Fangzhuang is located between south 2nd ring and 3rd ring, the representative of old mature business circle in south Beijing. The main Olympics Stadiums include Guangcai Gymnasium, Muxiyuan Natatorium, and Muxiyuan Training Hall.
Rental (Unit: Yuan/month)
Fangzhuang is a large residential area in south Beijing.
The open of subway No. 5 line in Oct. promoted greatly the traffic convenience of such area, and the lease market becomes hot accordingly.
Most of houses in such area are old public houses, and popular projects include Fangguyuan, Fangxingyuan, Fangqunyuan, etc.
The rental for common houses with 1 bedroom ranges from RMB 1,600 to 2,000, RMB 2,000 to 2,500 for 2 bedrooms and RMB 2,500 to 3,000 for 3 bedrooms.
The rental for houses adjacent to 3rd ring and subway No. 5 line is about RMB 150 to 200 higher than houses in other residential quarters in the some area.
There are few apartments in such district; instead there are many medium-class commercial houses with good orientation, location and fine decoration.
The rental is competitive, such as that for 1 bedroom is RMB 1,800 to 2,300, RMB 2,800 to 3,300 for 2 bedrooms and RMB 3,500 to 4,500 for 3 bedrooms.
The popular residential quarters include GOGO New Era, Zuo'anpuyuan, and Zuo'anyiyuan.
Subway: No. 5 line opened in Sept.
Buses: special No. 8, 25, 300, 368, 721, 723, 730, 732, 742, 750, 757, 830, 957, etc.
Living Facilities
The business centers include Carrefour, Guiyou Mansion (Fangzhuang), Fangzhuang Shopping Center, etc. For hospitals, there are Fangzhuang Hospital, Fangchengdongli Hospital, Dongfang Hospital, Fangzhuang No. 1 Hospital, Fengtai Sports Hospital, Clinic of Fengtai Children's Hospital, Pujing Hospital, Tiantan Hospital, etc. For entertainment and leisure, there are Fangzhuang Sports Park, Beijing Amusement Park, etc.
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