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Beijing Shopping Place

Beijing Shopping Guide

Unlike other shopping cites like Hong Kong, Paris and etc, Beijing has its own charm for those shopping extravaganzas:
  • Price

  • In general, products price in Beijing is lower than your home country, so please feel free to ask the price to the vendor wherever you find some beloved product. If you are not satisfied with the vendor' s quotation, feel free to cut the price as you wish. Sometimes, the price can be cut down to 1/5 of the former quotation. This always applies for street-front shops.
  • Categories

  • Products in Beijing are come from every parts of China, so you can buy specialties of the whole China without having to leave Beijing.
  • Shopping Environment
    1. The government has required salesman and sales woman in large shopping malls and supermarket to improve their oral English to better serve foreign friends.
    2. More and more supermarkets and department stores are ready to serve the credit cards user.
    3. More measures are carried out to minimum vendors who engage in fraud in business activities like selling counterfeit products.
In case you fall into dispute with the salesman, please try to find the manager on duty, or you can complain to Beijing Administration of Industry and Commerce by dialing the telephone number of 010-12315. Beijing has a lot of quality goods for you to choose: You can either choose unique handicrafts full of Beijing flavor such ascloisonne, jade ware, bronzes and stone tablets with inscriptions, or cultural relics like writing brushes, ink sticks, ink slabs and paper, all kinds of antiques, paintings, calligraphic works and handicrafts including dough figurines, masks and etc.
A new trend is more and more people go to Zhongguancun Electric Streets in northwest Haidian District to buy cost effective consuming electronics such as mobile phones, MP3, Ipod, video player, notebook, PCs and etc.
As China' s largest electric product market, Zhongguancun has attracted many world famous consumer electronics manufactures like Lenovo, Dell, Sony, and Philips to showcase their latest brands.
Beijing's most popular shopping places are know as Yansha Youyi Shopping City, Guiyou store, Xiushui Silk Street, Scitech Plaza, The Malls at Oriental Plaza, Wangfujing Street, Sun Dong An Market, Xidan Commercial Street, Beijing Liulichang Cultural Street Antique Store.

Jewelry Shopping

Beijing is also a best place for luxury consumers in terms of gold, platinum, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, pearl jewelry, diamond.
With the booming of China's economy, there is a surge demand for jewelry products like diamond rings valued around RMB 20, 000 Yuan from the young white collars in recent years.
Famous jewelry retailers in Beijing include Hengchang Jewelry Stores, Guohua Jewelry Shopping Mall, Caibai Jewelry Store, Xiaoying Jewelry City.
Jewelry wholesalers in Beijing include Hongqiao Pearl Market, Beijing Wuhuan Pearl Wholesale Market, Yangrou Hutong and etc.

Famous Shopping Places in Beijing

Baisheng Supermarket
Beijing Baisheng Supermarket
Beijing Shopping Street
Beijing Shopping Street

Beijing Department Store
Beijing Department Store
Sun Dong An Market
Beijing Sun Dong An Market

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