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Sun Dong An Market

Shopping In Sun Dong An Market

Located in the famous Wangfujing Street, Sun Dong An Market, or the New Dong An Market, was built on the former Dong An Market.
As the first department store of the Beijing city, the former Dong An Market was opened in 1903 with 6,900 square meters.
The rebuilding work started in November 18, 1993 and was completed in January 1998. The new 12-story shopping plaza, which has rejuvenated the Wangfujing area as a forest of Shopping malls, has changed the capital' s skyline.
Sun Dong An Market provided comprehensive shopping, offices, restaurants and entertainment centers. On the fifth floor of the Sun Dong An Plaza, the new four screen Cineplex is located. The cinema facilities were imported from the United States.
There is also a paint-ball battled field in the Sun Dong An Market Plaza, which combines military paint-ball sports with amusement.
People can also experience what the old Beijing looked like and how people lived in the ancient times while shopping in the Sun Dong An Market.
The so called “Old Beijing Street” formally opened on June 28, 2000 and is designed in a chiasm, displaying the royal court and civilian' s own pictures and folk stories during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

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