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Wangfujing Shopping Guide


Wangfujing here refers to the famous Wangfujing Street. The street starts from the East Changan Street and ends at China Art Museum with a length of 1500 meters. The street is a kind of beauty perfectly combining tradition, modernity, culture and commerce.
With a group of sculptures depicting the lives of Beijingers in the old times was established before the modern Sun Dong An Market, a 70 square meter relief sculpture recalling the operation of the 12 old famous shop in the area was set on the southern wall of the Womens' Department Store.
Also the ancient well, from which the street got its name, was also symbolically y restored. Its surrounding attractions include the famous Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.
You can reach Wangfujing by taking subway or buses including 1, 4, 57, 103, 104, 803, 814.


Wangfujing Street came into being in the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) and got its name in the Ming Dynasty. The commercial history of the Wangfujing Street goes back hundreds of years. It became a hot commercial area in the Qing Dynassty.
After the People' s Republic of China was established, the Wangfujing street gradually became the city's landmark commercial center. It is well known all over China for its comprehensiveness, fashion, high quality and sophisticated cultural activities. Wangfujing entered fast development stage in the 1980S.

Hot Shopping Spots

Wangfujing is one of the busiest shopping streets in Beijing. The daily flow of visitors around Wangfujing Street is around one million. There are more than 200 shops on the 810 meter-Long Street from Nankou to the Goldfish Kou. Famous shopping places include Sun Dong An Market, Beijing Department Store, Wangfujing Book Store as well as Donghuamen Night Fair.

Bungee Towers

The bungee jumping towers installed in August 2000 in Wangfujing have inspired the debate among the expert and the locals. The 320 meter high double towers have been erected opposite a centuries old Catholic Church, in a little square in front of a sporting shopping center near the entrance of the new Wangfujing extensions line. It opened officially on September 11, 2000. Construction the towers is a part of the second phase of the street's upgrading project.

Catholic Church

Originally built in 1905, Wagnfujing Catholic Church was revamped in 2000 and decorated with lights. In its front square, you can see the youth practicing pedestrians.

Hotels around Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing is surrounded by the top luxury hotels in Beijing. Some of them are Tianlun Dynasty Hotel, Palace Hotel, Peace Hotel, Taiwan Hotel, Beijing Hotel and The Grand Hotel Beijing.

Snapshots of Wangfujing

Beijing Wangfujing Photo
Night Scenery of Wangfujing
Wangfujing Street
Beijing Wangfujing

Beijing Department Store
Wangfujing Department Store
Sun Dong An Market
Beijing Sun Dong An Market

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