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Silk Shopping in Xiushuijie


Xiushui Silk Street is one of the most popular destinations to overseas tourists after the Great Wall and the Forbidden City of Beijing; it is very close to Central Business District (Chaoyang district), adjacent to hundreds of embassies and consulates, hundreds of foreign affair hotels and office buildings. It possesses abundant customer resources of foreign residents, foreign visitors, and white-collars. You can reach Xiushui Silk Street by taking the Beijing subway and get off at Yonganli Station. The Northwest Exit of Yonganli Station is accessible to the under-ground market of the new Xiushui.


The Xiushui Silk Street was originated in 1982 when a group of ambitious youth started their business at Silk Eastern Road, Beijing, with very simple stalls at that time. They dealt in silk and foreign-trade apparels. Though simple and crude, the inherent charm of Silk Street then was not glossed over. The silk street got its name in 1985 when more and more vendors began to sell traditional Chinese silk products and crafts. Its repute spread fast, and more and more customers and travelers are attracted by the reasonable prices.
The former Xiushui Silk Street is an outdoor market. Since 1985, Xiushui Silk Street has been popular with overseas tourists who have flocked to buy counterfeit and knock-off luxury clothes and accessories. Fake brands with good quality are what the Xiushui Silk Street was famous for, but measures have been taken to curb that as well.

The New Mall

On 19 March 2005, Beijing Silk Street High-rise, which draws lots of attentions, is open for business officially. New Silk Street is built next to the original market. It has five floors on the ground and three on the underground, with a building area of altogether 28,000 sq. m, and a capacity of thousands of stalls. After more than 20 years development, the two characters “Xiu Shui” have become a famous brand among the sphere of commodity circulation in Beijing.
The Silk Street High-rise is tightly near CBD, the total floorage amount to 28,000 square meters, and there are 1,500 stalls in the market. Though the shopping center's management group promises to weed out counterfeit or poor quality goods in the market, and there are fewer imitation brand name goods sold at Xiushui Market than there used to be along Silk Street, there is still no way to completely keep knock-offs out of the market.

Shopping in Xiushui Silk Street

Commodities mainly sold in Silk Street are shoes, bags and cases, leather, famous brand, casual wear, fashion clothing, cowboy series, sports leisure attire, knitted dress, kid's clothing, tie, silk handkerchief, silk wax printing, craft table cloth, handicraft, jewelry, antique, calligraphy and painting, Beijing roast duck and characteristic snack.
Open Hour: 9:300 AM to 9:00 PM
Website address: Xiushui Silk Street

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