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Beijing Airport Express Train

Beijing Airport Express Train Schedule

Station Upward Direction--for the Downtown Downward Direction--for the Airport
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
T3 Terminal6:2122:51----
T2 Terminal6:3523:10----

  1. Interval of Beijing airport express is 10 minutes during the morning and afternoon peak periods including 9:30-12:30 and 16:00-18:30
  2. Interval of the airport express is 15 minutes during other operation hours

Stations, Ticketing, Pricing and Duration

  As you can see, there are four stations for the airport express, naming T2 Terminal Station, T3 Terminal Station, Sanyuanqiao Station and Dongzhimen Station successively. It's easy to get to the airport express station as long as you follow the guide signs. The location of Terminal 2 Station is at B2 of No. 2 Parking Garage and the location of Terminal 3 Station is at F2 of No. 3 Parking Garage. Sanyuanqiao is the transfer station (an interchange station) for Beijing Subway line 10 and Dongzhimen is the transfer station for Beijing subway line 2 (loop line) and Line 13.
  Airport express is the fastest transportation mode between Beijing Capital International Airport and the downtown area. Duration is 20 minutes and ticket price is Renminbi 25 Yuan.
  Please keep hold of your ticket after check in as you will need it again to check out electronically after arriving the destination.

Beijing Airport Express Photos

Beijing Airport Express Guide Sign
Photo 1: You can just follow the guide sign to get to the airport express train station.

Airport Express Ticket Machine
Photo 2: Purchase the ticket through ticket vending machine or ticket window? You decide it!

Airport Express
Photo 3: After checking in electronically, you can enter the platform to wait the train. Please stand behind the yellow line!

Airport Express
Photo 4: Airport express train is coming, are you ready?

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