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Beijing Bus Guide

   Here you will find essential public transportation guide for Beijing city, including Beijing bus map, bus routes & directions, long distance bus terminals and etc.
   To let you view content much more easy, we have divided it into several parts. Please click on the corresponding links below to browse what you are interested in.

Beijing Bus Map

   The following Chinese language Beijing bus map is from Beijing Public Transport Holdings,Ltd. You can input the stop name, the bus number, the departure station name or the terminal station name to perform a search. You can also drag the scroll bar to move the map. Please take your time to familize with it. It's the best Online Beijing bus map that we can find so far. We know it's maybe hard for you to read the Chinese map as an expatriate, but considering no company can provide online Beijing bus map in English language to the public ......!

Beijing City Map

   If you are looking for locations of subway stations, shopping places, Olympics Games Venues, Scenic Spots and Hotels in Beijing China, The following English language Beijing Map from Beijing Government may helpful to you. You can even compare this map with the above one to get a clear answer. In case these two maps still can't help, you may need to buy an English language paper Beijing bus map at Wangfujing Foreign Language Book Store, Zhongguancun Book Store and etc.

   Need real time online assistance? Please add the Webmaster's MSN Messenger cn2world at hotmail dot com to see if he is online for voluntary Beijing bus guide.

Beijing Long Distance Bus Terminal

   Long distance bus is the most convenient transportation alternative for passengers to Beijing's surrounding provinces and cites such as Hebei, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Tianjin. The following tells you main long distance bus stations in Beijing, how to reach these bus stations, bus routes from respective long distance bus station.

  1. Beijing Aersa Bawangfen Long Distance Bus Station

  2. Address: West Dawang Road, Chaoyang district
    Tel: 010-67740320
    You can get to Bawangfen Long Distance Bus Station by the following buses: No. 11, 30, 31, 715, 721, 752, 754, 988 and get off at the bus station named Dongjiao Railway Station. You can also get to Bawangfen Long Distance Bus Station by the taking the subway line 1 and get down at Dawangqiao Station.
    Buses from Bawangfen Long Distance Bus Station are mainly launched for the following Northeast China provinces and cities like: Jilin provinces (including Changchun city, Tonghua city etc), Liaoning province (including Shenyang city, Anshan city, Chaoyang city, Fuxin city, Huludao city, Dongying city, Jinzhou city, Yingkou city ), Hebei Province (including Tangshan city, Qinhuangdao city, Inner Mongolia Baotou city, Haerbin city of Heilongjiang province, Tianjin city.
  3. Beijing Beijiao Long Distance Bus Station

  4. Beijing Beijiao Long Distance Bus Station locates to the southeast Jianxiang bridge of the North Fourth Ring Road.
    Passenger can get there by buses such as No. 55, 30,804, 315, 618, 727,819,845, 939 and get off at Qijiahuozi Bus Station.
    Buses from Beijing Beijiao Long Distance Bus Station are launched for Yanqing, Gucheng Reservoir, Laoyugou, Jiudu River, Yongning, Xiaotangshan, Gaoliying and etc.
  5. Guangqumen Majuan Long Distance Bus Station

  6. Address: No. 22, Guangqumen Wai Street
    You can get to Guangqumen Majuan Long Distance Bus Station by taking the following buses such as No. 23, 24, 907 and get off at Majuan Bus Station.
    Buses from Guangqumen Majuan Long Distance Bus Station are launched for Tianjin, Heze, Kaifeng, Anyang, Qinhuangdao, Zunhua etc.
  7. Jiulongshan Long Distance Bus Station

  8. Address: West Dawang Road, Chaoyang district.
    You can reach Jiulongshan Long Distance Bus Station by No. 31 bus
  9. Lianhuachi Long Distance Bus Station

  10. Address: No. 35, Guangan Road, Fengtai district, Northeast to Liuliqiao
    You can get to Lianhuachi Long Distance Bus Station by the following buses such as No. 6, 321, 38, 57, 1, 4, 300, 309, 323, 340, 390, 619, 620, 715, 719, 730, 822, 839, 850, 917, 927, 982, 993, Special 7 and get off at Liuliqiao Bus Station.
    Buses from Lianhuachi Long Distance Bus Station are departed for Central China's provinces like Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Shanxi, Shan'xi, Hubei, Jiangsu etc.
  11. Liuliqiao long-distance bus station or Liuliqiao long-distance bus terminal

  12. Locates in the south west part of the Beijing city. As one of the most important eight transportation hubs of Beijing City, Liuliqiao long-distance bus station has 27 lines with more than 1500 buses departing to Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Langfang, Xingtai, Handan, Linzhou, Liulin, Lishi, Xianyou, Anyang, Hebi, Xinxiang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Xuchang, Suozhou, Qingyang, Luoshan, Shenmu, Miyang, Jingbian, Pengshui, Wutaishan, Runan, Pingliang, Yueyang.
    You can take such buses to Beijing Liuliqiao long-distance bus station: 6, 300, 323, 324, 349, 368, 730, 733, 830, 833, 901, 927, 937, 944, 968,special 2, specia l7, specia l8, Yuntong 103, Yuntong 108, Yuntong 201.
    Telephone: 010-63861362、63861264
  13. Beijing Sihui Long Distance Bus Station

  14. Address: No. 68, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District.
    You can reach Sihui Long Distance Bus Station by taking buses such as No. 1, 4, 57, 402, 405. You can aslo get there by taking Beijing subway line 1, Line Batong and get off at Sihui Station.
    Buses from Sihui Long Distance Bus Station mainly departs for North China provinces like Hebei, Shandong, Tianjin etc.
  15. Beijing Zhaogongkou Bus Station

  16. Zhaogongkou Long Bus Station locates in the Beijing south 3rd ring road with 6 kilometers to the Tian'anmen Square.
    As a stated owned bus station, Zhaogongkou Bus Station is a window of good manner for the Beijing transportation industry and enjoying good reputation among the public.
    Zhaogongkou Bus Station has 123 lines and more than 390 buses launching to such places as Shanghai, Tanggu of Tianjin, Cangzhou city of Hebei province, Jinan city of Shandong Province, Zhejiang province.
    You can take such buses to Zhaogongkou Bus Station:
    17,25,43,610, 300, 971, 927, 757, 957, 368, 741, Yuntong 102, Yuntong 107, special 8.
    Tel: 010-67242446,67212593
  17. Hetan Long Distance Bus Station

  18. Huairou Long Distance Bus Station

  19. Daxing Long Distance Bus Station

  20. Tel: 010-69252529, 69244329
  21. Deshengmen Long Distance Bus Station

  22. Tel:010-62047096

    1. Beijing Train Schedule

      Buses are suitable for short distance trip. For long distance journey, we recommend you take trains. China has world's largest and busiest railway network, you should plan your train trip and purchase the ticket in advance to make sure your journey will not be delayed. To check China's train schedules, please visit China Train Guide, a search engine dedicates for train information of China.

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