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Beijing-Shanghai G Train Photos

  Starting from Beijing South Railway Station and ending at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, the 1318-kilometer-long Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai) High Speed Railway is the longest and highest quality high speed railway in the world with designed speed of 350km per hour.
  Running on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway are two types of CRH trains including D train using CRH2 series and G train using CRH3 series. G train has an average speed of 300km per hour while D train has an average speed of 250km per hour.300-kilometer-per-hour G train is the mainstream train running on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railroad.

Interior Photos of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed G Train

There are two kinds of G trains running on Jinghu High Speed Railway, one is comprised by 8 cars and another is comprised by 16 cars.
The 16-car train includes 8 second class passenger cars (including No. 5 car, No. 10-15 cars), 2 first class passenger cars (including No. 2 car, No. 4 car as well as two partials on No. 1 car and No. 16 car ), one business class car (No. 4 car), two VIP sightseeing areas on both ends of the train (on No. 1 car and No. 16 car) as well as one dining car (No. 9).
The 8-car train is comprised by first class passenger cars, second class passenger cars as well as a dining car.
Disabled seating area, toilet room, barrier-free wheelchair passage are also provided on board the train to create a passenger-friendly environment.

Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 1: A High Speed Train Attendant Is Standing By Her Train.
  Attendants on Beijing-Shanghai high speed train are aged from 19 to 22 years with height above 165cm. All of these pretty girls have high education background with ability to speak both Chinese and English.
  The new high speed bullet train looks amazing, doesn't it? It also has an amazing speed. Riding time is 4 hours and 48 minutes minimum between Beijing and Shanghai on high speed G train.

Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 2: Sightseeing Area
  Locating in both ends of the train, sightseeing area is the most mysterious part for passengers. On the 16-car train, it is arranged by 5 seats: 2 business class seats (in the first row) and 3 first class seats.
  On the 8-car train, one sightseeing area is arranged by 6 deluxe seats. Deluxe seat, also called as Tedengzuo in Chinese, is a special first class seat located in sightseeing area. Price for deluxe seat is RMB 1055 Yuan.
  Business class seats are equipped on 16-car train only and deluxe seats are equipped with 8-car trains only. In another word, business class seat doesn't co-exist with deluxe seat.
  As sightseeing area is very close to the driver's room, passengers can see clearly how train drivers in their control room ride the train while sitting in the seat.

Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 3: Business Class Seat in Sightseeing Area
  On the 16-car train, business class seats are equipped in sightseeing areas as well as in a special business class car.
  Business class seat on Jinghu High Speed Railway has even exceeds aircraft cabin in terms of luxury. These red leather seats are 180-degree reclinable which makes passenger can sit, sleep or choose whatever position during the rail journey.
Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 4: Browse Web on Board the Train
  Business class seat is equipped with flexible reading lamp, foldable dining table, multifunction lcd tv, power socket, 3G wireless networks and etc. You will feel very safe and comfortable while sit-in or sleep-in it.
Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 5: The Business Class Train Car
  This car comprises of 24 business class seats. Price is Renminbi 1750 Yuan per ticket.
  As you can see, passengers are accommodated on 8 rows of seats, with a long narrow passageway dividing the 3-seat rows into two parts.
Business class seat looks like an egg from its back ^_^, doesn't it?

Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 6: The First Class Train Car
  The 16-car train has 123 first class seats. Ticket price for first class seat is RMB 935 Yuan each.
  Space on first class seat car is a bit narrow as four seats are arranged each row. First class seat is equipped with flexible reading lamp and passenger can adjust slope of the seat too.

Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 7: The Second Class Train Car
  2nd class seats are most-used seats on Beijing Shanghai high speed G train. There are 716 second class seats each 16-car train and price for 2nd class seat is RMB 555 Yuan each. Unlike business class or first class seat, second class seats wear blue covers. Thick cushioned mat makes 2nd class seat feels much comfortable and it's the most favorited seat type by Chinese lao bai xing (general public).

Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 8: A Dining Car
  For the 16-car train, No. 9 car is its dinning car. This is the dining area on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed G train. Beautifully decorated in blue and white floral fabric, the dining car looks very bright, tidy and spacious.

Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 9: Four Course Meal
  Passengers holding business class seats, deluxe seats or first class seats are named as VIP passengers. According to related regulation, VIP passengers are served by free 4-course meal as well as free drinks, snacks and etc. Besides this, VIP passengers can also use specially designated waiting hall, free Internet surfing, free luggage transportation serivce and etc.

Beijing Shanghai High Speed Train Photo
Photo 10: Toliet Room
  Toliet room locates at both end of the train car. Toliet room on the high speed train is maintained and cleaned immediately after it is used.

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