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Beijing-Tianjin Express Train Photo

   Beijing-Tianjin Inter-city Express Train formally started business operation on August 1st 2008. Totally length of the railway line is 115 kilometers.
   As one of the fastest trains in the world, maximum speed of Beijing-Tianjin bullet train is as high as 350km/h and passengers can get to Tianjin from Beijing and vice versa in just half an hour.
   Here are some nice photos to share with you:

South Railway Station
Photo 1: Taking photos with the bullet Train before departure

South Railway Station
Photo 2: Bullet trains are waiting for departure at Tianjin Railway Station

South Railway Station
Photo 3: The waitress in serving drinks to foreign guests

South Railway Station
Photo 4: Rotatable seats on Beijing Tianjin Bullet Train

South Railway Station
Photo 5: A snapshot inside one of the 2nd class cars on Beijing-Tianjin Bullet Train

Special class ticket for Beijing Tianjin Bullet Train
Photo 6: Top Class Seat on Beijing-Tianjin High Speed Bullet Train

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