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Beijing - Guangdong Train Guide

Beijing to Guangdong Train Ticket Booking & Reservation

 Guangdong province locates in South East China and on the boder with Hongkong. The major cities in Guangdong includes Guangzhou—the capital of the province, largest city, also economic and cultural center, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Shantou. Among of these cities, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shantou are Special Economic Zones.
  Guangdong province also enjoys a lot of tourism resources, including Danxia Hill, Baiyun Hill, Dr. Sun Yat-sen's birthplace in Zhongshan and Hailing Island's Dajiao Bay and so on.
 Please use the following links to check train schedule, ticket price from Beijing to major cities in Guangdong province well as returning train schedule and fares from Guangdong provice to Beijing.
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  1. Beijing to Foshan Train Fares and Schedules

  2. Foshan city own the famouse tourism resources of Mount Sijiao.
  3. Beijing to Guangzhou Train Fares and Schedules

  4. The capital of Guangdong. Guangzhou is the largest city, economic and cultrual center of the province.
  5. Beijing to Heyuan Train Fares and Schedules

  6. Heyuan city located the Northeast of Guangdong province. Xiao Yang, The president of the Supreme People's Court, was born in this city.
  7. Beijing to Huizhou Train Fares and Schedules

  8. Huizhou is an important city for electronic products.
  9. Beijing to Maoming Train Fares and Schedules

  10. Maoming situated in the southwestern coastal area of Guangdong. This city borders Yunfu to the northeast, Yangjiang to the east and Zhanjiang to its southwest.
  11. Beijing to Shaoguan Train Fares and Schedules

  12. Shaoguan Located in northern Guangdong, and the Mount Danxia is in Shaoguan Qingxin Hot Springs in Qingyuan..
  13. Beijing to Shenzhen Train Fares and Schedules

  14. Shenzhen, a boom town on border with HongKong.
  15. Beijing to Zhaoqing Train Fares and Schedules

  16. Zhaoqing lies in the west Pearl River Dlta, located 110 Km northwest of Guangzhou.
  17. Beijing to Zhanjiang Train Fares and Schedules

  18. Zhanjiang city located in the West of Guangdong province.

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