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Beijing - Anshun Train Guide

Beijing - Anshun Train Ticket Reservation

   This is your ultimate source for train schedules and fares between Beijing and Anshun. Don't waste your time on any other webpages for such information.
   Anshun is famous for its tourist attraction Huangguoshu Waterfall. The distance between Beijing and Anshun is 2,633 kilometers by rail.
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Trains Schedules & Fares from Beijing to Anshun

Train No. Departs Arrives Duration Seat Fares(RMB) Hard Sleeper Fares(RMB) Soft Sleeper Fares(RMB)
G403 Beijing West
Anshun West
10 h 58m 1006/1639 - /3175
K471 Beijing West
34 h 46m 279/- 472/489/507 748/781
G405 Beijing West
Anshun West
10 h 45m 1006/1639 - /3175
Z53 Beijing West
28 h 8m 279/- 472/489/507 748/781

First time to travel China by the train? You may need to check interior pictures of China Train to compare the difference between hard sleeper and soft sleeper.

Trains Schedules & Fares from Anshun to Beijing

Train No. Departs Arrives Duration Seat Fares(RMB) Hard Sleeper Fares(RMB) Soft Sleeper Fares(RMB)
K474 Anshun
36 h 45m 264/- 447/463/478 705/736
K472 Anshun
Beijing West
37 h 43m 279/- 472/489/507 748/781
G404 Anshun West
Beijing West
11 h 25m 1006/1639 - -/3175
G406 Anshun West
Beijing West
10 h 27m 1006/1639 - -/3175

Beijing Rail Travel and Ticket Booking Notes:

  1. The above mentioned trains operate on daily basis
  2. Advance ticket reservation date for D train (high speed bullet train, also known as China CRH Train) and Z train is 21 days and advance railway ticket reservation date for other kinds of trains is 11 days in Beijing. China has world's busiest rail system, you are suggested to reserve the ticket in advance to secure your travel plan.
  3. Advance ticket booking period may be shortened to 3-5 days during "golden week" holidays such as China National Day (October 1-7), Chinese Spring Festival and etc.
  4. In China, railway sleepers are classified into two types: soft sleeper and hard sleeper. Hard sleeper has three sub-categories: upper hard sleeper, middle hard sleeper and bottom hard sleeper; Soft sleeper has two sub-categories: upper soft sleeper and bottom soft sleeper.
  5. Beijing Railway stations and ticket agencies sell tickets of different places. For example, you can buy Shenzhen-Guangzhou train ticket even though you are still in Beijing City.
  6. You can trust: train schedule timetable and ticket fare listed here are almost 100% correct and up-to date. We will update the page whenever there is any change in train schedule or ticket fare. Train timetable is specified in GMT+8 Time Zone and price is quoted in RMB Yuan.
Still can't find the information you need? Please try China Train Guide, a website that enables users to search China's train schedule and fare information by route, station or train number.

China Railway Train Photos

South Railway Station
Beijing South Railway Station
South Railway Station
Railway Station Waiting Hall

Beijing West Railway Station
Beijing West Railway Station
CRH Train
CRH Train

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