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Images of Hard & Soft Sleepers on China Train

   We were asked frequently by people around the world on the difference of hard sleeper and soft sleeper on China trains. To explain things more clearly, we have taken and collected some interior pictures during the train travel time and would like to use them as examples.
   By referring the demonstration below the photos on this webpage, your misconception and confusion on types of Chinese train tickets will be disappeared.
  Well, let's begin!

Hard sleeper photo
Photo 1: Hard Sleeper Carriage on Express Air-conditioned Train of China

   This is a carriage of hard sleepers. You can see the carriage is divided into two areas by the aisle: area for sitting and area for sleeping. In the sleeping area, the opening compartment is divided into two rows by a small tray table, there are 3 beds in each row including 1 upper bed, 1 middle bed and 1 bottom bed. Hard sleeper bed is 60cm in width and 195cm in length on most tradtional Chinese trains. The upper (top) bunk is very close to the ceiling which makes it very difficulty to sit up. There is no big difference between upper, middle and bottom beds and it's mainly about the position of the beds. Upper bed has the lowest price among all these three types of hard sleepers and the bottom bed has the highest price.
   Hard sleeper bed is rated well by the client, however, some people also point out that the hard sleeper carriager is a bit smoky.

Soft sleeper photo
Photo 2: Soft Sleeper Carriager on K285 Beijing to Yantai Train

   This is a carriager of soft sleeper. As you can see, each soft sleeper cabin has a sliding door, which makes it more safe for the train travel. The compartment is clean and comfortable. Each compartment comprises two rows and each row has two berths: one lower and one upper berth.

Soft sleeper
Photo 3: Interior Photo of Soft Sleeper

   Here is a snapshot of soft sleeper. It looks crazy, yes? There are two berths in one row: one upper soft berth and one bottom soft berth. Comparing to hard sleeper, soft sleeper has more vertical space and its width is 70cm.

Soft sleeper
Photo 4: Photo of Soft Sleeper on Beijing Shanghai Bullet D train

   Soft sleeper compartment on the bullet D train looks more spacious, bright and fashionable. There are four soft berths in each of the cabin, which is same with the tradtional trains. Up to now, only a few high speed bullet D trains are equipped with soft sleepers. In other words, there is no sleeper tickets to sell on most of bullet trains.

Deluxe Soft Sleeper
Photo 5: Luxury Cabin on D320 Chongqing to Beijing High Speed Bullet Train

   Luxury cabin is private for two people only. In the compartment are two deluxe sleepers as well as a long sofa, a locker and a private toliet. There is also a guest hall for people in deluxe cabin, which can be used to meet friends, disscus business contract and etc. Ticket price for deluxe soft sleeper is very high and only a limited number of trains are equipped with deluxe soft sleepers in China.

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